“Reach Out and Talk To Someone” & Other Problems With How We Talk About Suicide

Suicide is on the top-ten list of causes of death in this country and yet many of us feel resigned to platitudes. If we're really trying to end this crisis and show people who are suffering that we want them here with us--that there is, in fact, a place here in this world that is beyond their current suffering--then we have to do more. We owe it to each other to be better than that. 


Becoming the Counselor: Beginner’s Notes

I will say it upfront: I don't know a whole lot about this whole thing. I'm learning as I go, sometimes in pain, often with joy. But through a combination of reading, writing, self-exploration, intensive practices, personal experiences in therapy, and talking with others who have gone through the same, I've (finally) started gaining some useful traction in my journey toward becoming a counselor. That is the purpose of this space: for me to jot my thoughts down as I continue to learn and gain new experiences, and to hopefully learn some things about myself and the process as I go.