About Me

Hello! I’m Megan. I am currently enrolled in a graduate-level mental health counseling program, at the end of which I will (hopefully) be well on my way toward becoming a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) – and, eventually, a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor (LPCC). There are whispers of venturing into the land of a PhD, but that’s still a far-off consideration at the point. For now, I’m happy to be in the early stages of growing into this new vocational path I’m laying down for myself.

This blog is mainly a space for me to take down my thoughts, commentary and insights on the process of becoming a counselor, particularly as I venture into my first year of practicum & internships as a drug and alcohol counselor.

Everything expressed in here are solely my own own opinions & insights, and nothing on here is meant to represent the counseling profession as a whole, my university or my employer; nothing in here is meant to be used in place of real mental health services provided by a licensed professional.

As is expected of counseling professionals, all details written about my experiences working clients will be heavily altered in order to protect each person’s right to confidentiality and privacy with me. As much as I can, the things written here will be mainly focused on my own process of becoming, especially going from zero counseling experience to being fully licensed to practice.